Artificial Intelligence to IPTV Panels

Hello everyone!

What do you think about bringing AI to IPTV World and how you see it coming? I would like to know your feedback.

In what sense? Are we talking about “Home” devices like Hey Siri, Play ESPN?

Or are we talking about some kind of AI that helps manage your panel?

I mean both, any thing that comes as idea and plays a high role to solve a problem in IPTV using AI.

Yeah that would be doable I assume for Android device. Hey google, play “channel” in “app.”

Panel wise I can’t really think of anything other than better statistics and logging. I would love to see ssh keys for mains to communicate with LB’s. No real good way to block bots other than firewall but it takes a toll. Maybe a cool ban list that globally bans any sketchy IP or User Agent across all users of the panel. Community Ban. just off the top.

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I really like the idea about Community ban and also AI to play specific channel in mobile devices, but for that blacklist it’s can’t be accuarate because most do rotating proxies or behind cloudflare, one way to look about it is by user activity and see if that behavior is sketchy or not, that’s my thoughts anyways.

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